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LAN vs WAN Definitions

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LAN vs WAN Definitions

appelepaobe ray
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7/11/2019 8:51:41 AM
LAN stands for local area network. This allows for computers and devices that are close together to connect. They will then be able to share files or complete tasks and this usually means that they are using the same router or switch. Typically, this type of network will consist of everyday devices which could include a range of different business technology. Examples would be tablets, printers, and desktops. The network will also usually have routers and switches(you may be interested in Routers vs Switches vs Firewalls) as well as wireless cards or potentially ethernet cables. Be aware that a LAN is commonly set up in a home to allow easily family sharing. In a LAN different cables can be used to physically connect different devices together. However, it’s far more popular to use wifi to connect the different technology and ensure that a fully integrated network is built up. These are the 5 steps needed for a successful LAN implementation.
LAN vs WAN Definitions

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