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PU Conveyor Belt

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PU Conveyor Belt

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10/13/2020 5:20:27 PM
TPU conveyor belt is one kind of PU conveyor belt that have much better performance in food processing application, like chocolate cooling tunnel, vegetable, meat, dough, etc. We also have pu conveyor belt. As a conveyor belt supplier, we produce Rough Top Conveyor Belt. It achieves stable and accurate transmission while keeping a consistent transmission ratio. Its creates low noise during work, and with good cushioning and shock absorption ability, it is able to withstand a longer service life. This belt has low pre-tension and good mechanical properties, thus ensuring good coordination with the transmission mechanism. We have advanced machine and technology, and we full support customization, so if you have any needs, please rest assured to inquire and purchase! https://www.jarulanconveyorbelting.com/pu-conveyor-belt/
PU Conveyor Belt

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