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Ultrasonic Emulsifying Machine

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Ultrasonic Emulsifying Machine

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9/7/2020 11:25:42 PM
Ultrasonic emulsifying machines can be widely used in cosmetics, paint, lubricating oil, fuel, ointment, dairy products, etc. It is the use of ultrasonic cavitation effect, during ultrasonic cavitation, intense cavitation forces shears the two or more immiscible phases into very small droplets, so that the ultrasonic emulsion is distributed uniformly and mixed uniformly, and the emulsion is stable. Our ultrasonic emulsifying machine has no moving parts, no electromagnetic radiation, and it’s fixed installation is very simple. https://www.fycgsonic.com/ultrasonic-sonochemistry-machine/ultrasonic-emulsifying-machine/
Ultrasonic Emulsifying Machine

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